NOFA Winterkill Mix




Builds fertility and biomass, opens the subsoil, attracts beneficial insects and protects soil during hot-weather fallow periods. Contains oats, field peas, forage soy, spring barley, tillage radish, BMR sorghum sudangrass, and buckwheat. Perfect for transitioning early spring vegetable crop into main- season cover for a fertility boost the following year. May be undersown into early crops like head lettuce, cabbage, and other leaf crops. For maximizing soil health and soil carbon, time so cover emerges as you finish harvest to keep soil covered by living plants. May be used as a livestock forage as long as there is no drought
or frost to trigger prussic acid buildup in the sudangrass.

OGS, 10# $30 / 50# $115


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10#, 50#