NOFA Organic Fall-to-Spring Cover Mix*




NOFA Fall-to-Spring Cover Mix*: Builds biomass, fixes N, and protects soil over the winter months. Tillage radish produces a deep fall taproot prior to winterkilling; oats provide a quick pulse of energy in the fall and nurse the frost-tolerant and winter-hardy crops in the mix: forage pea,* perennial rye, winter barley, ladino clover,* red clover and a dash of vetch.  Sow in August, to be tilled or smothered in spring when soil is ready to be prepped. Tolerates a range of soil conditions; expression of species dominance will depend on your conditions. *NOTE: Due to our supplier’s inability to source organic field peas this year, this mix is NOT ALLOWED FOR ORGANIC GROWERS

LAN, 10# $30 / 50# $130

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10#, 50#