Garden Irrigation Starter Kit



Everything you need to set up a drip irrigation system on a small scale. Includes 200’ of low-flow T-tape-brand drip tape, 10 T-tape fittings which plug into mainline, 10 sleeve ends to seal end of line of T-tape, and 2 couplers to repair breaks or tears in T-tape line, plus the Spigot-Connection Set which includes a 200 mesh drip filter, 10 psi pressure regulator, a vacuum breaker (prevents backflow into your water system) a hose beginning (connects mainline to spigot or garden hose) 2 mainline ends with screw caps  (for flushing line) 100′ of 1/2″ polyethylene mainline tubing, Coupler (joins two pieces of mainline tubing) 20 wire hold-downs, a manual punch (makes 1/4″ holes to install emitters or drip tape, 10 two-way plugs (to fill holes if you move emitters or drip tape).

OGS, $100