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Garden Irrigation Starter Kit




Everything you need to set up a drip irrigation system on a small scale. Includes 200’ of low-flow T-tape-brand drip tape, 10 T-tape fittings which plug into mainline, 10 sleeve ends to seal end of line of T-tape, and 2 couplers to repair breaks or tears in T-tape line. Pair with the Garden Irrigation Extension Kit to get an additional 200’ of irrigation. Extension kit contains: 200’ of low-flow drip tape, 10 drip-tape fittings which plug into the mainline, 10 drip-tape ends to seal the end of a line of drip tape, 2 couplers to repair breaks or tears in the drip-tape line.

339 OGS, Starter Kit $110 /Expansion Kit $45

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Starter Kit, Expansion Kit