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AEA Accelerate*




From AEA. Comprised of bio-available manganese, multiple seaweeds, salmon, crab and shrimp shell, Accelerate provides ample cytokinins, gibberellins and manganese, with nominal amounts of N, K, Ca, P, and trace elements from oceanic organisms. Stimulates plant reproduction. Use a single foliar at a rate of 3-4 gals per acre 1-2 weeks before flowering or tuber-set commences. For fertigation, use 3-4 gal./acre in two applications within the two weeks before flowering. For continuously flowering crops, use a foliar of 2 gal/ acre 1-2 weeks before flowering commences and 1-4 qt. twice monthly until flowering completes. Same rates for drip fertilization.

078 PGS, 1 gal. $28 / 5 gal $125

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