For Community Gardeners

Community Gardeners— did you know you can save money by placing a whole-garden order? We’ve created this printable worksheet for you to use to compile your order. There are several ways to use this worksheet. Scroll down for more information.

Separate Items
Each gardener lists the items they want and pays for their items. One person places the total order transaction using our regular order form or website order process, and one person picks up the order for the whole garden. The gardeners can then take advantage of bulk discounts (if they reach the price thresholds of $500, $1000 or $2500)

Sharing Bulk Items
Save more by buying large bags and dividing them up! All you need is a kitchen scale, scoops, and smaller bags to divide up your purchases. This is the most cost-effective way to use the bulk order. In the sample worksheet (below) the gardeners have figured out how many pounds of fertilizer they each get, for example, and are able to buy a wide range of items (compost, row cover, hoops, fertilizer, cover crops and grub control) for about $30 each.

Separate & Shared Items
You can use one worksheet to track both individual gardeners purchases and shared bulk items. In this example, the Saint John’s Street Community Gardeners bought items for all fifteen members to share, but five gardeners also ordered some additional items.

For questions on how to place a combined order through the NOFA Bulk Order, contact and we’ll be happy to help you!