About the Product Pictures

The NOFA Tri-State Bulk Order is a non-profit program, and its purpose is to save participants money on farm and garden supplies while also supporting the education and advocacy work of your local NOFA chapter.

It is run by volunteers and part-time staff. Unfortunately with limited staff time, we were unable to generate or source photos of all the products listed in the order. Instead, we decided to use images from old farm supply catalogues that were listed for free (creative commons) use. Each image represents a category of products (ex. early potatoes, late potatoes, weed control, etc). We were unable to post different pictures for each individual product.

We will endeavor to improve our product images for future Bulk Orders. You can help by taking photos of the products you order in use on your farm or garden! Email photos to bulkorder@nofamass.org.

Thank you in advance for understanding!